I’m a Canadian empty nest mom with 3 grown girls.  I sew flimsies (love that term! We call them quilt tops around here.) and machine quilt for myself, friends and clients.    I’ve got an Inspira quilt frame (since March 2010) with a Pfaff Hobby Quilter (since 2008).  The frame is ok but the machine is the BEST!  I’ve got another sewing business as well.  I design and manufacture custom ringette pants (PennerAll.com) so for that I have a White serger too.  That keeps me pretty crazily busy from September until after Christmas so I quilt a lot of the rest of the year.  I’m also into retro aprons which I’m trying to get into gear to flog as well.  I do much better with a deadline.  :)
My very first post on January 12, 2011 covers why I started this blog and what I hope to accomplish.

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  1. cheryl Bunda says:

    Hey lady:
    Cute “chick” you have there!!!
    Still can’t find the subscribe to your blog click, so I’m saving the E-mail page and going in from that.
    Looking forward to tomorrow nite, remember to bring the purple (just kidding), no really bring it. No batting in Embrun, may I purchase it from you?
    See you Cheryl

    • Rita says:

      Thank you!
      See the orange button – the dot with the 2 smiles underneath? Press that.
      I’m looking forward too and I swear, if I forget the purple, I’ll go back and get it.
      Yes to the batting.

  2. madame samm says:

    Not sure how to follow you..but wanted to let you know.your blog is filled with surprises….love the chicks..I too am a Canadian and an empty nester…whoop whoop lol

    • Rita says:

      Yes, I know it’s a bit of a mystery in this theme. It’s the square orange button on the top banner with the dot and 2 smiles. Let me know if you have any problems. I’m new at this but I’ll try to help. Thanks for following! :)

  3. Nellie McKay says:

    Hi Rita!
    It was nice to meet you today at the fall fair in Dunvegan.It is always great to meet someone who is interested in machine quilting.I am looking forward in sharing ideas & tips.
    Happy quilting!

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