I am a professional machine quilter.

I have never returned a quilt later than I estimated nor over budget.

These designs are all $.02/square inch, except for the loose stipple which is $.017.  To find how much your quilt would cost, multiply the width and length in inches and multiply by 0.02.  For example, say your quilt is 66″ x 80″ which is a smallish double size.  That’s 5280 square inches.  You multiply this number by .02 to get $105.60.

  • Thread, if I’m providing it, is included in this price.
  • There’s a set-up fee of $20.  This covers squaring and ironing your top and back and trimming your quilt ready to attach binding.  (Backs should be about 4″ larger than tops.  Make the back a little longer if it’s off square)
  • I can provide batting at $12/m. It is Legacy batting made by Pellon (www.PellonIdeas.com), a very soft 80/20 blend of cotton and polyester.
  • Taxes and shipping are also not included.

I do hand-guided edge to edge designs which ‘nest’ so there are no obvious rows.  That said, some designs just look more ‘row’y, if you know what I mean. I’ve shown some designs below but there are more.  If there’s something you’re interested in seeing, let me know.  If you click on the thumbnails, they’ll get bigger and then bigger again.

And here’s a new idea.  Send me a picture of your quilt.  It should be either quite a large file or a close up of, say, a quarter of the quilt.  Then I can send you back the same picture with the stitching pattern on top of it so you can get an idea of what that pattern might look like on your quilt.  Isn’t technology wonderful.  Well, sort of.  When it works.  ya.

:)   Click on any pattern a couple of times to see it larger

This first group of stitching patterns is a more free form group. If there are lumps of seam allowances in the flimsy that are a concern, then a pattern from this group is a good idea because missing those lumps is much easier to disguise:

This next group of stitching patterns is less free form, more regular:

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