Here I will show quilts that I’ve done for myself, friends and clients.

Click on any pictures to get a better view.

About quilt sizes:  I call anything smaller than a single bed sized quilt, a lap quilt.  Some of these may be as big as 55″ x 70″, but still too small for a bed.

March 2010

March 2010

Two lap quilts sewn by my friend, Cheryl. She was going through her pink scraps. Both quilts were stitched with the hearts pattern.

May 2010



This lap quilt was for a friend’s granddaughter in Victoria, BC. I made it from scratch and quilted it using buzz.

May 2010


Another of my ‘from scratch’  lap quilts, this one was for family on the west coast and quilted with buzz.

December 2010


This is a client double-sized quilt with a close-up showing the stitching, swirls, superimposed to make it easier to see.

summer 2010

stonework detail


This another of Cheryl’s lovely quilts, queen-sized.  Unfortunately, this is the best of 3 lousy pictures I took.  It’s quilted using the stonework pattern.

Nov 2010


This (from scratch) lap quilt was for a teacher and friend, Gerri, who now lives in Calgary.  I came up with this method myself but since found out that this pattern has a name, convergence, and was made famous by Ricky Tims.  And I thought I was being so clever.

Oct 2010


Another ‘from scratch’ lap quilt for family in Toronto, it is quilted with hearts.

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