I thought cutting up the composite fabric was going to be a bit difficult because it was wider than my ruler was long but it wasn’t bad.  I created a cardboard template of the 60 degree angle because I figured that the narrow ruler wasn’t going to be useful enough.  Again, that was unnecessary. I carefully cut the right-most cut first, starting from the lower left-hand corner of my composite fabric (which you can’t quite see, sheepish grin).

Then I cut 3″ strips from that upper left-hand triangle.  That was easy because they were all cuts shorter than the ruler was long.  Then I took the remaining composite fabric, folded it carefully along the cut and cut the rest of it into 3″ strips. You have to refold every so often.   Next, all these strips had to be cut into diamonds. That took the most time but it wasn’t difficult.  Basically you lined the ruler from seam to seam.  And here are all the resultant diamonds.

I woke up this morning thinking that it may not work out so well sewing all these guys back together because they’re all bias seams.  It’s a bit easier sewing a bias piece to one on the straight of the grain.  So, I’ll try sewing a couple diamonds together.  If it looks like it’s going to be trouble with seams not wanting to lie flat after being ironed, then I’ll have to put a narrow sashing between all these diamonds.

Here’s hoping we don’t have to add this extra (time-consuming step)   :)   I wonder what colour this sashing should be.  Any ideas?  Maybe just white.


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  1. cheryl Bunda says:

    These diamonds look an awful lot like a couple of quilts I made a few years back, you quilted them with the heart design. Perhaps a soft green would be a nice sashing, white would be too “white”.
    See you Tuesday.

    • Rita says:

      Yes, the quilt is in the portfolio as of last night and it was diamonds but the effect when these diamonds are put together will be a lot different. When I stop fiddling with this blog, maybe I’ll have time to actually sew :)

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