Saturday’s quilting sure went poorly.  I ought to know to stop when things start like this.  I keep thinking that it’s something I can fix but often, it’s just how you’re holding your mouth.  Sunday, the quilting went wonderfully.  If you click on the pic, you’ll see a bunch of black markers.  When my thread breaks or there’s been a mistake where I’ve had to stop and restart, I mark the spot by pinning on black rectangles.  That way, these spots are easy to find after the quilt is off the frame and me and my handy self-threading needle can get rid of the thread ends. You’ll notice that the top edge of the quilt has a LOT of these black rectangles.  There are 3 in the first pass alone.  Then shortly after the half way point, there’s only one more.  That was Sunday’s quilting.

Here’s a closeup showing some of these thread ends and Vera on the cutting table, ready to trim. When I first started machine quilting, I tried fixing these thread breaks as they happened.  It was too hard on the back and the quilt being stretched didn’t help.  I tried stickers.  They fell off too often.  I tried pinning white rectangles of paper to the spots.  They didn’t always show up well.  The black fabric rectangles show up better more often and are reusable.

mitres are good

Stitching is fine

It was a lovely thing to sit on Sunday afternoon on an especially freezing day, under the quilt as I sewed on the binding.  I do finish sewing bindings on by machine often but Vera’s quilt seemed to deserve special attention.  This morning I finished off.

Vera - All Done!! :) And I love this quilt!


4 Comments on Vera’s quilt is finished!!

  1. Sarah Craig says:

    It’s gorgeous, Rita!! Looks like all that work was worth it!!

    • Rita says:

      Thanks Sarah! Now it’s on to a bunch of community quilts (like your ministry quilts) that will go to those in need. There’s more info under “Portfolio #2″ on the site.

  2. Ashley says:


    Vera’s quilt is absolutely beautiful! We so appreciate all the hard work you put toward making this special quilt for her!

    Lots of Love,
    Ashley & Vera

    • Rita says:

      How super that this blog was done just in time for me to be able to share the creation of your quilt. You’re very welcome!! Love to you and Vera!!

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