After a tiny bit of housework I got into the sewing room and organized, sewed and ironed strips. In the upper pic there are nine pairs.  The 4 on the left are the wider ones I was talking about in the last post.  The middle 6 are the ‘for variety’ strip pairs.  I’d forgotten when I was talking about the alternate fabrics before that I’d also cut some blue as well as 2 darker purples.  And on the right are 4 pairs of the main purple.  It might have been wiser to cut 2 more wider pairs and create 3 composites but now I’ll just have to deal with having created 2 composite new fabrics that are a little too wide to deal with easily.  Oh well.  And here they are: lying on my cutting table and ironing board.

A couple of notes: The ironing board is not dirty but it is stained because in my other business, I sew almost exclusively black fabric.  The cutting table is a repurposed air hockey table.  It’s just the right height and has a nice lip around the outside so rulers, pencils and cutters are not constantly leaping to their deaths.

One other thing that occurred to me while I was sewing and ironing, a little late I know, is that I should have figured out how many diamonds, at least approximately, I was making possible to create.  I don’t even know how many I need.  This will be a baby quilt so I was thinking 40″ x 60″ or there abouts.  I guess I’ll just get cutting and see what happens.


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  1. Sarah Craig says:

    This is an interesting process – I’ll be interested to see more of it!

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