Here’s a first, I’m sure!  My accomplishment was actually done by my e-friend!  I published a tutorial last week about how to do a chenille rug. The details are here.  My faux “accomplishment” is that my tutorial actually inspired her to try it too.  I’m so excited that this happened!!  She did such a great job.

Here’s what she emailed me:   “I went to bed thinking I want to make chenille rug and I want to make a cover for this chair.  In the morning I had only one project in mind -  a chenille chair cover.”

done, and Gorgeous!!

original panel, pinned

Isn’t it wonderful when one can point to having been an inspiration? I am so thrilled!

And that will likely be the only thing I’ll be responsible for in the next while that’s blog-able. It’s my busy season at work now. That’s where all my creativity will be absorbed for the next few months so I’ll only have a couple of posts probably until after Christmas.

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6 Comments on an unusual accomplishment

  1. joanne says:

    Thank you Rita,
    it is an honor for me to be on some one’s blog…..

    I want to tell your readers something…. some time last year I bought a used mega quilter and frame and of course I had the same start up problems most of us have ,doing something totally new, I searched the internet for help and suggestions and in one of my forays I came upon Rita’s blog, I contacted her via email to see if she had any help for me and sure enough the lady takes time out of her already busy life to help me with thread breakage, panto’s and just the general start up confusion.

    We have become on-line friends and keep in touch so now the cycle continues as just recently I saw an email from a lady who had just gotten the same set up as us , she needed a copy of the instruction dvd, so I remembered the generous help I received and offered a copy of mine, Well, now I have one more new friend , she is going thru exactly the same start up pains as I was and now I am on line with her late at night trying to help her thru this stage . I know she will and then find the real joy of machine quilting .

    The beauty of this is that all this is done without any monetary gain by any one ,this is people caring for people…. I will not be surprised to hear that next year this new friend will be helping some one else who needs help and encouragement .
    I feel proud to be a part of this quilting community,

  2. Sheila says:

    Such a special story and you did make a great friend and your generosity has paid off .Lovely quilts!

  3. Jean Taylor says:

    Rita the person Joanne helped was me my name is Jean and I bought a used mega quilter off a friend of mine she has just begun with Alzheimer and she couldn’t remember everything that came with it and I didn’t want to upset her so I was glad just to get the frame and machine setup. As you know they don’t make this frame or machine any more I did get some things off the internet but one lady sent via email some paperwork for me and Joanne sent me a dvd and some needles that I didn’t get with the machine. We have been emailing almost every night together since then. I believe you meet the people you meet for a reason even if you don’t know that reason they are there to help you though your hard times and good times, some come and go and other stay and you are touch by each one in a different way so you become the person you are by the people you meet they all affect you in a way we don’t always know. If that makes any sense to you. So I hope to meet Joanne in person some day she doesn’t live that far away that it can’t be possible. Quilter’s are such caring giving people I love to share things that I learned with my friends. My saying is Once you’ve met me you’ll never forget me….Give at least one act of kindness to someone it will come back doublefold….

  4. Régina says:

    Lovely piece, and even lovelier comments. Whenever I hear people say that all problems nowadays (because we didn’t have any problems way back when, right)come from computers I think of persons like you who generously share through the internet.

  5. joanne says:

    sooooo ??? my friend , are you going to tell us how your rug did at the fair???? I keep coming back to this page looking ( I am sure like many other followers) what the result were….
    and…. you got me hooked on chenille…LOL I have my third project done now and getting better and better at it…

    one question for the pro or any one else reading this… I did a square baby blanket and of course all the sewing lines run on the diagonal (45 degrees) after cutting them and washing and drying I find the whole blanket “wants” to pull to the 45 degrees angle , like it cannot be folded into four with all four corners touching , know what I mean? I know the backing fabric was a true square as I cut it very carefully … any suggestions or ideas???

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