all bound, nice mitres and cut

This morning I bounce out of bed, ready to finish sewing down the binding and start the cutting.  It took a long time, I’ll tell you. You have to carefully cut only the panel layers (the top 3).

Then I popped it into the dryer for 15 minutes on ‘air fluff’.  I didn’t wet it but should have because not much fluffing happened.  Then I sprayed it with water liberally and put it in the dryer with heat this time.  It fluffed some but not enough.  Last resort, more spray with water and a brushing/roughing.  I guess this is sufficient.

all done, fluffed enough, I guess

all done, detail

I think if I were doing this again, a layer of flannel would help separate the quilting cotton layers.  That would be 5 layers to cut.  It might be a bit thick.  I’ve done flannel chenille baby blankets before and never had any fluffing problems.

Overall, I like the weight of this rug with the batting and extra backing layer.  It’s just the fluffing that isn’t working so well.  The one I saw in the store was much more fluffed.

I don’t think there’ll be any socks being blown off any judges feet by this rug.  To ‘get’ this reference see yesterday’s post.

addendum:  I’ve been working with the brush some more.  I think the big trick is to brush in the direction of the diagonal stitching.  If you brush from one side of the rug to the other, you’re roughing one side and flattening the other.  If you brush along the stitching, you’re working on fraying the fabric, which does the fluffing.  I think socks might be almost off judges feet with the rug now.  Here’s an updated closeup:


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  1. joanne says:

    wow wow and wow !!!!!!
    If I was a judge my socks would be blown off and I feel the judges will be impressed , you just wait… give them a chance…. I simply love your rug , the pattern ,the results, the tutorial… so nice of you to take the time from your obviously busy life to think of others like me, who just may want to do this too … I see so many possibilities like a Winnie the pooh rug for a child , in my mind I am checking out my stash already .

    thank you Rita, from all of your “quiet ” followers , I have been quietly reading your blogs for months, enjoying them and today I thought I best let you know there are many like me who do this without you knowing ….
    fellow quilter, Jo

  2. P. says:

    I love that panel print, and I think it turned out great!

    A few years ago, I took a fun class at on making chenille scarves. I made a bunch that year for gifts. I remember we used multiple layers of flannel and a handy tool (I think OLFA makes one) which did the cutting–worked very slick because it was razor sharp but had a guard so you don’t cut through the underlayer. I know we had to put ours through a complete wash cycle and dryer (and watch the lint trap) to get the product to fluff. May have to do with the agitation in the washer.

    Hoping you blew some socks off at the Fair! :)

  3. Mrs.Pickles says:

    I agree this one is a WOW!! Wonderful job Rita!

  4. geeeze, WOW – that is amazing! who’d-a-thunk?


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