As is becoming usual, I can’t seem to get my act together to post on Wednesdays so I can link up with TNTN.  Oh well, maybe next week.  I did have a lot of stuff on the go yesterday however.

On Monday, my friend Cheryl and I went to Perth, ON to a fabulous fabric store there.  In the sale bin, I found some lovely dusty rose panel fabric to make into girl baby bibs.  The reason it was in the sale bin was because it had been in the store for quite a while.  The folded edge is either dirty or faded or both.  The result of that is that the baby bib backs had to be pieced.  I found some other fabric to back them with.  It’s too bad about the seam.

My friend and I are doing a table at a church bazaar in November.  These bibs will be there as well as these sachets.  I’ve made 8 already and yesterday I made 8 more.  I started out only using gathered lace.  When that ran out, I starting using flat lace.  Surprisingly, I actually like the flat lace ones better.  I was worried about being able to go around the corners but taking an eighth inch tuck on both sides of the corner did the trick just fine.  I am now an expert at this process.  It only took 2 hours start to finish for these last 8 sachets.  They’re serged inside, ready to be filled.

Cheryl will put lavender into cheescloth and put them inside these covers.

Also on Monday, I bought a duvet cover plus 2 pillow shams, 100% cotton for $10. Today I shall finish a couple of boxers I have already started making from the duvet cover fabric.    They’re turning out really nice.  On a recent fabric expedition to Montreal I found a cubic foot box of suitable elastic for another $10.  There’s enough elastic in there to keep me in boxer or pyjama elastic, perhaps for the rest of my life.  Have you noticed how expensive boxers are???

Addendum:  And here are the boxers.  As I suspected, the fabric was super for this.  It sewed beautifully.  These will be slightly cozier than thin shirt type cotton boxers.  I re-taught myself how to sew the waist elastic in with only one row of stitching that tucks in the raw edge and keeps the elastic from twisting.  They’re perfect, if I do say so myself.

I’m wondering if a tutorial would be a useful item.  Is there anyone making their own boxers or wanting to?  Is there anyone wanting to buy handmade boxers?

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8 Comments on more bazaar items

  1. Mrs.Pickles says:

    what lovely work! Everything is so pretty!

  2. marjorie says:

    great variety of work…nice job

  3. Linda says:

    Wow! You are busy. Great items that will sell well at the bazaar. Love the bibs. Very cute.

  4. There is always lots to keep us busy, isn’t there?

    I wanted to mention, that I had to get to your blog by typing in the address and even then GOOGLE said it did not exist but that there were ‘cashed’ copies so I got here that way, not sure if others may be experience this problem, or if it is my own computer, but I have not encountered it with the other links on tntn…

  5. Carolynn says:

    Man alive, Rita! You are a veritable quilting/sewing MACHINE! Well done you!

  6. Mary Ann says:

    Greta stuff Rita:) Those boxer shorts are really a great idea for a church bazaar sale. It’s always hard to think of things to make for men that would sell.

  7. Régina says:

    Those boxers are great, and I agree on the sewn-in elastic. The sachets are incredible!

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