Work was very busy over the last month so hence the absence.  There will be a lull and then my season will begin in earnest about mid-September.  Unfortunately, that’s too soon.  sigh.

I have gotten a tiny bit done lately, despite my injury and putting my back out a week ago.  Hopefully I can stop my self-assault now.

It’s my month to lead the Block Bee I joined in January.  Most people in the bee have been posting each block that they make diligently.  I did post a few here, but put the other pics on Flickr here except for the January block which I was in such a hurry to mail that I forgot to snap it entirely.  Hayley kindly uploaded an image when she got it here.  I hope all who wish to are able to see these blocks.  I did my best work, picking fabrics carefully and following directions as well as possible.  So, my reward will be coming in the mail shortly and I’m so excited about this.  I got some 2″ squares from an e-friend, Katie, a while back and it suddenly dawned on me that my turn to ask people to make blocks could be blocks made from 2″ squares.  The point of these little squares is to make postage stamp quilts where each piece of fabric is different, but that’s certainly asking too much.  To fix that I came up with a compromise and the resulting tutorial is here.

Then another e-friend, Carolynn, was ditching some of her stash fabrics that she wasn’t going to need anymore due a change in quilting direction and because I was sending her a tiny bit of fabric that I thought she would like, she sent me a bunch of her fabric.  It wasn’t a very fair trade but perhaps I can fix that sometime in the future.  One of the fabric items she sent me was a small zip loc bag of 2″ squares.  Oh joy!  When the music is playing, get up and dance, I always say.  So, I took those square and made up 16 patches to go with the ones that are coming in the mail.  I took a pic of the 4 I made today and the squares still left over.  I’ll bet I get a couple more 16p’s at least.

Apologies about the focus.  I can’t seem to take a clear picture anymore.  My last lense had image stabilization and I sure miss that.

Carolynn's left over 2" squares

4 x 16p from today

On the left, the squares are arranged lightest up top, switch-hitters further down to darkest at the bottom.

16p's from Katies 2" squares on the left, my 4 x 16p's on the right

When you add the 16p’s made from Katie’s squares and the demo 16p’s from the tutorial, I have 14 blocks already.  And, there’re 44 more coming in the mail.  Surely this is enough to justify some excitement!!

And while I was going through my inspiration folder, looking for ideas for the next family baby quilt that needs to be made, I came across another way to use these 16p’s.  Lookit this great idea!  You alternate 16p’s and 4p’s.  I’m sorry I don’t remember whose design wall this is from.  See the two pics below on the right.

alternate use for the 16p's

one block

On another front, there has actually been a tiny bit of other sewing.  My friend wants me to help stock and man a table at her church bazaar being held in November.  We’re busy racking our brains for things we think might sell.  So far, on our list we have:

  1. baby bibs (6 of each made but I keep giving the blue ones away, so there’s only 3 left)
  2. lavender sachets (8 made but not filled)
  3. scarves that my friend knits (she’s made a bunch already)
  4. Christmas gift wrapping bags (aiming to make 3-4 sets of 7 variously sized bags: tut)
  5. Christmas table runners (aiming to make 2-3)
  6. boxers?  (I’m not sure about this, aiming to make 4 pairs)
  7. baby quilts (aiming to make 2)

It will be an 8 foot table.  Does that sound like enough stock?  It will just be sad to have the table too bare.  I know we could put more stuff on it, but we don’t want a lot of stuff left over.  This wasn’t to be a new venture, just a one time thing.

Any ideas anyone?  Is there something you think would sell that’s quick to make and people would want?

Do people even want frilly lavender sachets anymore?  Are they too old-fashioned?

The baby bibs are reversible (shown) and cute, cute, cute! on an actual baby.  We’re going to display them on a big teddy bear.

This has turned into a monster post, at least for me.  Sorry.  I guess there was a bit of a backlog.

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    looks like you have been busy!!! lovely work

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