I’ve always been a bit uncareful.  Some people call it clumsy but since I’ve always fallen well, meaning I don’t get as hurt as I should, being careful never became much of a priority.  It’s silly to depend on one’s quick reflexes like that, waiting until it’s often a bit late.  This type of thing really catches up to you as you age. You don’t heal as quickly, making the unlucky times easier to remember as the results linger.  Also, the injuries will become more severe as your reflexes slow I suppose.  That one hasn’t hit me yet but I can see it coming.

This brings us to what happened a couple of days ago.  I was not rushing but slightly distracted as I walked by the fireplace hearth.  I smashed the little toe on my right foot, something he’s come to expect periodically.  This was a good one.  I lost my balance slightly and used my forearm to stop from falling into the corner of the brick wall.  People like me should not have interior brick.  No.  The forearm bleeding, the toe sticking out at an unnatural angle, I immediately started to overheat and feel faint.  No stranger to fainting, I crouched down.  While I’m closer to poor toe, I push him back to where he should be – a crunching sound.

I put an ice pack on toe, popped a couple of pain pills and lay down for a while breathing deeply and mindfully relaxing all those muscles that panic when part of you is hurt.  I’ve come to the conclusion that much of the overall pain of an injury is just the flood of messages from gossiping and uninvolved muscles.  Once you get them to be quiet, most of the ‘pain’ is gone.  Ah…

24 hrs

36 hrs

Do you know that it is quite difficult to cross your feet to show both little toes evenly side by each and take a picture?  24 hours later a nice bruise was starting to show and toe was swollen.  36 hours later and in better light, the bruise is becoming more photo-worthy.  Pain is gone but threatening to return with the slightest bump.

ps. 60 hrs

pps. 84 hrs

Walking is less limpy today.

Can this old dog learn a new trick – live more carefully?

If not, I’ll never need a bone density test.  I’ll know almost immediately if my bones aren’t strong anymore.

ps. It’s now July 20th and we have the 60 hours later pic.  It’s interesting how the bruise is still spreading.  I wonder if it’s spreading out or still bleeding inside.  There’s no pain unless I bumped it.  Oooh!  Then I’d go through the roof!

pps. July 21st.  Bruise still spreading.  Swelling going down finally.  Middle starting to go green.

6 Comments on my latest injury

  1. Mrs.Pickles says:

    OUCH!!!! that is not good at all!!! I hope you are in less pain today!

  2. OH MY! owee owee GEE!!!!

    (not sure what else to say! lol)

    feel better soon

  3. P. says:

    Oh my gosh! I feel your pain–really! Yours was even displaced and you reduced it yourself (crunch: ~shudder~). I hope your tootsie is much better now. Mine isn’t throbbing at much this morning, but it’s still early.

  4. Vicki says:

    Oh, no! Hope you’re doing lots better very soon! I broke my ankle a few years ago and have been so careful ever since. I don’t want to do that again and it wasn’t even a bad break. Take care!

  5. Carolynn says:

    Good grief, Rita! You are not fit to be left alone! Seriously. How awful. DO take care of it. I shall be thinking of you????????

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