We’re been declared to be in a level 2 drought situation here in south eastern Ontario. The grass crunches underfoot. The air is dusty when it blows. It’s also very hot. We have no A/C but we’re doing fine, if a bit uncomfortable. It cools off enough at night, although there was certainly a time pretty recently when I would have said, “What a hot night that was.” But compared to the daytime temps, it’s cooling off adequately. It’s amazing what you can get used to, and quickly too.

I’ve been working in the basement to machine quilt 4 community quilts that I was given longer ago than I care to say but they’re done. Big yay! My recent funk caused quite a backlog of work and I’m happy to be catching up.

Be warned that this post is very picture heavy.

cq-08082, front

Here’s the first one I machine quilted.  I feel like I could have chosen a better stitching pattern (Brick Work).  I was thinking to mimic the pattern but it busied up an already busy look.  Let’s hope I never do this again.  I mean, it’s ok, but it could be a nicer effect.

cq-08082, back

cq-08082, front detail

You can click to expand any of these pics.

cq-08061 front

The next one I machine quilted was a better result.  This flimsy was a combination of very busy blocks and a calmer 9 patch.  The back fabric is a paisley with pink in it too.  I chose a busy stitching pattern (Angry Chickens) and a pink thread to tie the different parts together.  I really like how this one turned out.

cq-08061, back

cq-08061 back detail

The third one is my favourite of the four, probably due to the harvest colours which is my go-to palette.  It was the largest of the quilts, 68″ x 48″, I think.

cq-07665, front

cq-07665, back

cq-07665, back detail

cq-07665, front detail

Common to most of the front fabrics was red so that’s the thread colour I chose. Luckily the back also had a tiny bit of red. It all worked out really well. I chose a simple medium stipple.

cq-07759, front

And last was an Amish looking flimsy featuring four lovely fabrics paired with black. The look is flying geese but it’s all done in hst’s.

cq-07759, back

cq-07759, back detail

The back fabric was just black and white.  The colours on the front suggested a light green thread, but because that would have disappeared on the back, I used a different colour in the bobbin – black.  The effect was nice.  I stitched it using Bebits in the Wind, to go with the flying geese.

And to finish off, a couple of detail shots of the front.

cq-07759, front detail 1

cq-07759, front detail 2

I don’t expect to get this productive again soon. There’s a lot of work around the house that has now fallen behind. Toodles!!

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8 Comments on 4 community quilts machine quilted

  1. Mrs.Pickles says:

    wow great looking quilts Rita

  2. Carolynn says:

    What a LOT of work, Rita! Well done you.

  3. Patti says:

    So sad to see parts of the country in such bad drought conditions when we have had so much rain the last few days. I hope you get some soon.
    Your quilts are really beautiful!

  4. elle says:

    That’s a good and productive way to beat the heat. A cool basement. My sewing room is upstairs with not much releif from the heat. But good for you to have accomplished sew much!

  5. sheila says:

    Good for you completing so many great quilts with some awesome quilting . I have heard the heat is pretty bad in Ont. , hope it cools off soon.

  6. Mary Ann says:

    Lots of lovely quilting going on:)

    Yes it is hot and dry where I live in Ontario too. My lawn is brown and dead looking.

  7. Régina says:

    Now I do feel guilty about all that rain we are getting nicely interspersed with sunny days. On the other hand I don’t get any quilting or housework done……Good for you to have gotten those four quilts finished, an enormous amount of very nice work.

  8. When we work at one thing it always seems we forget other things laying in wait… Our worlds never seem to be able to be completely caught up! Love your quilting and the time and effort you make for these donation quilts! I too am concentrating this summer on making quilt flimsys to donate in my community and hope that the person who quilts them puts the quilting stitches into them as thoughfully as you have done!

    I am in coastal BC and this year has been quite cool for us, amazing how one country has such difference in climate!

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