First, we decided to finally catch this movie, the Moonrise Kingdom.  If you click on the title, it’ll take you to a trailer.  What a crazy movie!  I’ve watched quite a few supposedly funny movies and never even chuckled.  This movie made me laugh a bunch of times, surprised me a lot and amazed a few times.  All I can tell you is to expect the unexpected.  It doesn’t need to be seen on the big screen like some of them, but if it doesn’t hit the TV screen, you might miss it altogether and it’s worth seeing.

On the garden front, it’s time to harvest the garlic around here, that is, if you planted last fall.  If you planted in the spring, then you’ll have to wait longer and settle for smaller bulbs.

garlic scape ready to cut

You should already have had a nice meal of the scapes.  Scapes, for those who don’t know (and I didn’t until relatively recently), are the flower of the garlic plant.

Some people say you should wait until it has curled twice, certainly no more, and then cut it off to keep the energy in the bulb and not let it go towards making its seeds.  (You plant a clove to get more garlic.  If you try to propagate garlic by its seed, it takes a couple of years before you end up with a garlic bulb.)

garlic flowers that are too big

garlic scapes cooked - YUM!

Some garlic however doesn’t want to curl very badly and it seems a better measure is how big the flower is.  We harvested our scapes when the flowers looked like the twice curled pic but they had only curled once.  If you let the flowers get bigger, the stem is too hard and can’t be eaten.  You just cut the stem up and  cook it like any vegetable.  Very very yum!!  The cooked scapes in the picture were clearly picked when the flowers were even smaller.

Anyhow, a farmer friend had 15,000 garlic to be harvested and I went to help.  She gave me a bunch of garlic plus the 2 biggest bulbs I found.  I was challenging the other people who were helping to find larger ones.  Mine won.  I’ve shown Amber’s garlic below.

Amber's garlic #1

Amber's garlic #2

Amber’s large garlic are below.  I put a drink tab in each picture to show the sizes.

Amber's big garlic

my garlic failures

Then I went home and dug my own garlic.  I planted about 15, not 15 thousand, so it was quick work.  The first three I dug up were the garlic that no longer had green leaves.  Clearly they were not healthy.  The others were not bad.   Amber’s varied in size but mine are pretty uniform.  I planted bulbs from another local garlic farm but not one of them made it through the winter.  Amber said she’d had similar germination problems with his garlic.  The ones that did the best for me were Red Russian and Music.  I also planted some store garlic to try that option, garlic from China, of course.  (WHY is all the store garlic from China, when we grow it here???) I know a few came up in the spring but I don’t know where they went.  They’re just gone.  I should have kept the two types of garlic separate to compare taste and keeping qualities.  oh well. next year.  This is the first time I’ve grown garlic.


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  1. Mrs.Pickles says:

    congrats on harvesting garlic. I have been trying to grow garlic here and it never comes up. What kind of Ukrainian can’t grow garlic…LOL

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