This post is a bit of an addendum to yesterday’s postage stamp how-to.

Yesterday I mentioned that I had been sent a large number of 2″ squares a while back, which I posted about on May 9th .  It sure seems like longer ago to me.  In any case, today, with all kinds of other things that I should be doing, I decided to spend a bit of time and create the 6.5″ square blocks that will mix with the ones that will be coming next month from my Block Bee mates.  Yes, I’m actually ahead of the game.

Not only did I not accurately remember when I received these squares but I also got the number of squares wrong.  I had thought it was 200 squares but no, it was 100.  Well, whatever.  I’ll have to make another couple of these blocks since I need to end up with some multiple of 4 if I’m sewing them together into 12.5″ blocks.

I’ve been thinking about that too.  I may just sash the 6.5″ blocks.  Why not?

Now that I look at the picture, the first row of the upper left hand block needs turned.  The dark/light thing is screwed up there.  I guess it’s a good illustration of why alternating is a good idea.  The snowman in the upper righthand block was going to be in the middle too.  I wonder how that happened.  Goodness.  Isn’t it amazing how looking at it on the screen gives you new eyes?

One thing I learned today was that if you’re cutting a mass of squares, you should iron the fabric before you cut.   And with steam too.   I’m not sure these were.  I didn’t really look at them hard before sewing but I thought when I was ironing the strips, that I saw some of them pull together.

Another thing I noticed was that while my strip method from yesterday seemed to produce 6.25″ blocks, these squares created the proper 6.5″ size.  Did my seam allowance get that teensy bit smaller because of my slightly undersized creations yesterday?  I didn’t think that I was doing that but perhaps it did happen.  It might be a good idea to sash this size of block instead of sewing 4 together and then sashing the larger block.  If the small blocks are a tiny bit off, the bigger block will be 4 times that much off.  I guess that decides it.  Alrighty then.

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