Just two weeks ago, there was still an extra blanket lying at the foot of the bed, in case you needed a bit of extra warmth in the middle of the night.  We hadn’t actually pulled it up in a while, but the possibility still seemed to exist.  Then the temperature started to climb every day last week, hitting 31 degrees (that’s ‘hot’ in Fahrenheit) yesterday.   The extra blanket is gone.  Even the quilt is off the bed.  Goodness.  Seemed like a fast change.

I hid in the basement all day.  That’s where I sew, sooooo, I did.  I got some pants with fraying hems and holes below the front pockets turned into shorts, which was more work than just cutting and hemming.  Then I worked on a couple of cushions that I promised to do.  The future recipient has no idea that they’re way late!!  It was supposed to be done for Christmas.  ahem

Here’s the front of one with the outside attached, mitres half done and the back of the other one. Next, a pic showing the zipper and another showing the back fabric. It looks like it’s going to work out pretty well.  It’s supposed to be wood grain.  I thought that would be the most of the work but no, the quilting was the quick part.  Getting this outside mitred edge on is proving to be the tough part.  It may need to be top-stitched to lay flat enough.  We’ll see if that’s necessary.

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8 Comments on summer has definitely arrived

  1. Dolores says:

    I like your cushions. Wood grain is always appealing. Good job on fixing holes…

  2. Christmas… lol. Good thing Christmas keeps happening. That way you aren’t late. Maybe you are real early : )

    Nice projects! We still have rain here. I managed to mend a lot of clothing too. It’s fun : )

  3. Peggy McCall says:

    Mending…needs to be done too with a little bit of quilting makes for a very productive day! Love your quilting!

  4. love the woodgrain quilting. there are a few mitered corner video tutorials on you tube and a couple of different methods, might wanna take a look?

  5. marjorie says:

    very nice quilting on the cushions…progress is always nice.

  6. sheila says:

    Great quilting , will make an interesting pillow and good for you getting the pants made into shorts too , I am not much into sewing in the heat but hey we haven’t had much of that yet :-)

  7. Régina says:

    Nice cushion, and I know first hand how much work mending is….you did you great job!

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