Sewing has taken a backseat to other things lately.  Those annoying cubes stopped me dead, plus a couple of other projects that were avoidable, if you know what I mean.  Here’s what’s happening otherwise.

First a kitty interlude.  The black one is Mitza and the orange one, I’ve mentioned before, is Oscar.  You’d think that they were friends, wouldn’t you?  Well, that would be wrong.  Usually one cat on the bed/couch/window seat means that the other one has to find elsewhere to sleep.  It’s just something that they’ve agreed on.  Sometimes one cat gets the others’ favourite spot repeatedly.  That’s what’s happened here.  Mitza beat Oscar to this bed a couple of days running.  This morning Oscar decided that if he lies close to her, maybe she will get disgusted and leave.  It did work eventually.  Were they both unhappy until Mitza left?  Or did they learn that lying close to each other isn’t so bad?  Aren’t they funny?  If only they could talk.  It would be so interesting to listen.  Wait!  There’d be arguing – lots of it.  I take it back.

Last year we had a tiny garden after many years hiatus.  I propped 2′ welded wire around it which fell over a few times, was hard to get over for me but not for my leaping dog.  This year we fenced a larger garden and even put a gate since getting over a 4′ fence would have involved injury.  It’s still not large (15′ x 13′) but it’s a nice size, I think.  We’ll see.  It’s still pretty bare but the plants are already growing, so it’s getting exciting now. If you want to see what’s where, click a couple of times.  I put in 3 zukes between the butternut squash and the peppers today.

The front yard still needs some serious work.  Why, oh why does grass want to grow so badly where flowers are and yet it doesn’t want to fill in and get thick where it’s supposed to grow???  I hesitate to work in the front because the roses have thorns, there’s wild raspberry with its prickly stems, and worst, there’s a patch of stinging nettle.  Imagine how itchy I’ll be after getting that out.  The grass problem pales in comparison and frankly, I like grasses all tall and waving with its pretty and various flowers.  Some grasses have these beautiful though very small golden hanging flowers.  It’s so lovely.

On the positive, because we’ve had enough rain this spring, the roses are lush.  I planted them so that when I open the living room windows, the wonderful smell will waft in.  Heavenly!!

There are climbing roses between the two bedroom windows as well.  They’re not as far along with their blooming but it’s going to be lovely too.  Below the roses and on either side are what I call my Tall Yellows.  It’s an old farmhouse type flower that needs no care and blooms profusely.  While the Tall Yellows are working on height (they’ll be past the window sills when they’re done), the Dame’s Rockets  bloom.  They’re less showy, only bloom every other year but I love them too.

There were tulips in front of the Tall Yellows, planted many years ago.  They’re done now – in more than one way.  When they were first planted, I guess, about 8 years ago, it was a goodly show.  They increased for a couple of years and then started to decline.  This year we were down to 4 or 5 blooms.  I guess it’s time to dig them up.  Or is there something that can bring the flowers back.  I know the leaves will come back every year forever, I think.

I’m hoping to get sewing again, GREAT GUNS, next week.  Fingers crossed!  (hoping that it happens, that is)

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  1. Mrs.Pickles says:

    your garden and yard look lovely! its hard to stay inside and sew this time of the year when there is so much to do outside. Especially since our summer are so short here!!

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