Back on April 5th, Katie at Salt Marsh Path was offering to send people postage stamp pieces.   I replied and she sent me this lovely bunch of stamp pieces for me to start my collection.  There’s a lot of swapping going on because you need a LOT of them to make a whole quilt.  This is a ‘natural’ swap for the web for a number of reasons besides the big need for variety.  Fabric stores take a pretty dim view of selling just enough fabric to make a few postage stamps, seeing as they can be as small as 1 inch.  Another reason is that being this small, they ship for cheap in an envelope.  In any case, it was absolutely SWEET of Katie to send me these and SWEET to get such a nice package in the mail!! Just look at this delicious collection:

I’m going to have to settle down, go through my stash and do some cutting.  Then, I’ll package and swap.  It’ll be fun then to put together a flimsy!!  I don’t think I can face anything smaller than 2″ though.  I’m not sure a smaller size would finish in my lifetime.  ha ha

Thanks Katie!! Sorry it took so long to post about this.


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