She’s almost done and she’s a pretty one!  It took some patience to get a decent shot of the flower block flimsy on the line today.  The weather is coming up for a blow and a spit later.

Next to decide what the narrow border colour should be.  I don’t have enough of the deep pink although I have a pinky/peach which might be good.  There is peach in the flower fabric.

Here’s an alternate arrangement that I tried out with half the blocks:

I felt the other arrangement had a little more cohesion.  This second one looked a bit scattered.  Any thoughts?

Here’s a closeup of the flimsy to show the lovely texture of the white I used.  It’s a thrifted dust ruffle.  It’s so soft and thick.  Just yummy!

And last I thought I’d show you my broody hen.  I have 5 girls and this one desparately wants to sit on eggs.  She wasn’t too annoyed when I took this photo but sometimes she’ll puff up twice her size. Or she’ll make a loud warning growl (yes, hens can growl), even opening her beek to look vicious.  The beek thing would work better if she had teeth.  She doesn’t peck hard but I’m trying not to intrude either.  Unfortunately, there’s no rooster so there’ll be no chicks and in the meantime, she’s not getting exercise or enough food as far as I can tell.  I’m unsure how long this will go on or if I should do something.  Suggestions welcome.

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  1. P. says:

    That is really cute! No suggestions on a broody hen. I thought I had heard you’re not supposed to let a hen go broody, but what that means and how to fix it, I don’t know.

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