I had something totally different planned for this baby but then my Ikea fabric find changed things.  Instead of working on one of the quilts I should be machine quilting or sashing the quilt course quilt that I talked about yesterday…. ya.  Instead of those things, I’ve spent the day working out a possible design.  Here are the fabrics (lying on a beige towel):

And here’s what I’m thinking they could turn into:

(Click a few times to enlarge)

Not totally sold yet.  I may do the outside border not ‘on point’.  The border could also be done totally in any of the fabrics, or large squares or piano key style.  It’ll be a little girl.  Hmmmm.  In case you’re wondering about the symbols.  They’re supposed to have sort of a random look but it might be nice to put one in each corner.  They’re all Chinese good luck that I’m trying to give her.  Her mom is Chinese.  I didn’t want that to overwhelm the quilt.

I was going to embroider the designs but they could be appliquéed using the solid colours.  Lantern-yellow.  Dragon-blue (it’s the year of the water dragon). Continuous string-pink (which should actually be red, but that won’t ‘go’. Though I could see if I have a slightly darker pink) and the Good Luck character-green or purple.

So, any thoughts welcome.  Feel free to say, “Yuk, cliché” or anything else.  I’m tough.

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  1. Mrs.Pickles says:

    wow I think it looks great like that!

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