I’m linking up to WIP Wednesdays again at The Needle and Thread Network this week.  There’s a button on the right that’ll take you there to see what a lot of Canadians are up to this week.

Here’s why I had to shoot my WIP pictures indoors today.  On the left is the more illustrative picture.  It’s snowing but threatening to icy rain – AGAIN!  We’ve had the most icy rain of any year in my memory.  On the right, we have a really zoomed, blurry pic of a little red squirrel eating some seed from the bird feeder.

On to the WIP part.  I’ve been trying to get community quilts done because the winter quilting class I take is about to start on Thursday and the lady that takes these community quilts off my hands is teaching the class so I want to take the opportunity to give them to her then.

I had all kinds of trouble quilting the pink/blue one – from not liking the colour of thread I choose (then picking out a half row) to tension issues (then picking out about a quarter row).  The pattern I choose needs a nice steady hand which I couldn’t muster well that day and the back of the quilt is a solid pink so everything shows.  Somehow, the stars were not aligned.  It was trouble all the way to the end.  The red/blue one was a lot easier.  Mind you, the quilting is very nice on this one and you can’t see it because the centre pattern is so busy.  At least you can see it on the back.  Remember clicking on the pictures will make them bigger.

Please note: I do not piece these flimsies. I just quilt them for the Common Threads Quilt Guild. This group gives out hundreds of quilts every year to various groups.

8 Comments on community quilts

  1. Wow – look at you go! : )
    That first quilt is very cool – hadn’t seen that before.
    Thanks for linking Rita!

  2. Great job with those quilts, Rita. I love the border you did for the blue and red one!

  3. marjorie says:

    Thanks for stopping by….I appreciate it. was admiring your quilting…

  4. sheila says:

    Great work for a great cause , way to go !

  5. elle says:

    I’m seeing similar views from my window today. You are doing great work!

  6. Mary Ann says:

    We have no snow now at all because it has been warm. Such a strange winter this year. Very good of you giving your time to quilt for the community project:)

  7. The snow (near Vancouver, BC) is gone, one week of it is too much for me, though I don’t mind pictures of it! Love the little quilts you are contributing. There’s something in the hearts of quilters that is always GIVING…

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