My good friend’s daughter was coming home for Thanksgiving.  Daughter had mentioned that since the support staff at her university was on strike, her room was colder than she liked and she wanted another blanket to bring back with her.  My good friend, being a quilter, did not run to the store to buy, but zoomed to her sewing machine instead.  Before she was done, she called me to see if she could get this machine quilted in time for daughter returning at the end of the holiday weekend.  At first I said, “No, I can’t.”  Then, I thought of my own daughters sleeping in cold rooms and how this would light a feverish fire under me.  I phoned my friend back and said I would make sure this quilt was finished in time.

When the flimsy arrived, it turned out to be so lovely!  Daughter had wanted a cheery quilt to offset the dreariness of winter.  She felt that a bright and happy quilt would lift her spirits during the season of not enough daylight.

I felt that this quilt deserved my first attempt at “custom quilting”, where the stitching design pays specific attention to the pattern of the piecing.  This meant multiple reloading of the quilt on the frame and some learning on my part.  If I had a different setup, custom quilting would be a lot easier to do.  I have no direct line of sight while moving the machine to where the needle is stitching without bending awkwardly.  And when you unload the quilt, turn it and reload, the quilting that’s already been done, draws the quilt together, necessitating a scary amount of stretching to avoid puckers.  My friend is a very talented piecer.  The couple of puckers that I couldn’t avoid, were only the fault of pushing the capabilities of my frame.  I don’t think I’ll be doing custom quilting generally.  All in all though, I am, as my friend is and hopefully daughter too, very happy with the result.

I’m sorry the photos don’t show the lovely yellow well enough.  It was a bad day to take photos outside and we didn’t have time to wait for suitable weather given the tight timeline.  I even forgot to take a picture of the back in my hurry to get the quilt home.  The blue borders have a variation of Waves-n-Loops, as does the centre.  The rest of the quilt is filled with Angry Chickens, a pattern not shown on my list of patterns on the “Machine Quilting” page.

Another thing that’s hard to see, is the yellow in the blue border check fabric.  This fabric just tied all the others together so well.

I *LOVE* this quilt!!

Don’t forget to click to see larger versions of the pictures.


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  1. P. says:

    Oh, that is gorgeous! Beautifully pieced by your friend and you did a wonderful job on the custom quilting. I really like the center quilting especially, but the whole thing is beautiful. Lucky daughter to get such a lovely quilt–lucky friend to have such a thoughtful quilter!

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