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This is a clearing out post.  My ringette business is going to be keeping me busy for a while so there won’t be any quilting news for about a month.  In order to get ready for this I’ve spent the last couple of days finishing up some stuff that I’ll report on today.

First, I have to share the worst photo ever.  I don’t know what the matter was but the flash wasn’t working and the shutter stayed open for like 2 seconds.  Amazingly, you can still tell what I was shooting, but only just.  I had to use this photo because these two don’t hold still, not for a photo and especially if they’re doing something cute.  Oscar, the cat, was lying on the dog’s bed, sleeping (what else?) when Buddy came over to chew his denta-stick in his favourite chewing spot.  The cat looks over, “Do you have to do this HERE?”  Ha ha.  Trust me, it was funny.

I have at least a couple of baby quilts due before September so I thought I’d get at least one done.  It’s a cheater panel but it still turned out sweet.  I added a mitred border because I felt bad about the ‘cheater’ part.  I had more of the backing that I used for the H2H quilt and I still have even more left.  It’s a dec weight but it makes a nice back.

I didn’t do the standard quilt-on-the-lines thing.  I put hearts all over it, in yellow.  And, I’m getting pretty consistent with the totally machined binding.  No more hand binding for me, although it’s a really nice thing to do in the winter, sitting in the sun shining in the window.  Too hot to even think about that at present.

And also, I made 4 more baby bibs.  Last time I made these, if you remember, DD1 was coming for that weekend and I wanted to give her first choice of a few of them that I needed to make for babies that are coming shortly.  Well, after she chose, there were only 4 of the 8 left because she thought of a couple more people she knew and then, we had forgotten all about her BF’s new niece.

bibs, front view

and the back view

Then a neighbour came over to show me a photo of her new granddaughter.  There went another bib.  So, since these things are flying out the door, and it’s just SO wonderful to have gifts ready, I wanted to restock my bib inventory.  I even bought FQ’s just for the purpose.  And I learned to make sure that I have them for boys too.  I’m very well stocked on girl fabric.  Boy fabric – not so much.

They’re all different.  4 fabrics but combined differently to make the reversible bibs and I used two different bindings.  You can get one bib from each FQ and 1 FQ makes enough binding (cut 1.5″ strips) for 2 bibs.  So 5 FQ’s make 4 bibs plus I had to get 2 more bindings from another fabric.  I love them and they whip up so fast.

Now I’m off to work on ringette pants.  Many!  ttyl…


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  1. Sarah Craig says:

    We’ll miss your pretty quilts but certainly understand about business! Be sure to show off the ringette pants, though!!

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