My H2H quilt is done. It just needs to be washed before it goes off to Judi at Green Fairy Quilts in Utah.  The quilting went really well; some of my best work.  The piecing went really well too.  I’m just pleased as punch with this one and rather than wanting to keep it, I’m really happy to see it go to a child with as little as children in orphanages must have.  What’s appropriate too is that I’ve always made blankets, whether crochet’d or knitted or sewn or quilted to coat the person with warmth, protection and love, something that an orphan needs.  I look at my three girls and cannot imagine how different they would be if they had been alone in the world from a young age.

Presenting the quilt:

in dappled sunlight

detail of the front

the back

hearts for "love"


4 Comments on Final H2H post

  1. Karen says:

    Your H2H quilt is very pretty. What a wonderful give you are giving.

  2. Sarah Craig says:

    It’s beautiful, Rita!! And your quilting design is absolutely perfect!! Email me and I’ll send you the address…

  3. Ann Wight says:

    Oh my Rita, such a beautiful quilt. That dark purple is so rich and wonderful…. I am so glad to see it. Your heart quilting is really nice~!

  4. Robbie Sutton says:

    I would love this one myself..gorgeous! The backing is stunning too.

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