Lots! to report today!

Early this week, I made some oven mitts for a daughter.  They’re the puppet kind.  I made up my own pattern for them and having made a couple of pairs, I’ve modified the pattern to my satisfaction now.  I had made the fingers part too long relative to the thumb part.  You shouldn’t think regular mittens when you’re making this kind of oven mitt.  You’ll have to click on the picture a couple of times if you want to see how short the fingers part should be.


cq07806, detail

Finally there was some sun this morning so I could take some outiside pictures.  I’ve machine quilted and bound 2 more community quilts.  They’re amazingly similar to the last one I did.  All three have the same backing, so I didn’t put a photo of that in this post.

In between these quilts I cut and sewed an apron for my friend which is super cute on her.  She bought me an apron-making book because she loved this apron.  As a surprise, I made this apron without knowing that it was her favourite.  She wore this apron right out so I’m making her a replacement.  Then, after that I dug into my client work.  There are two flimsies to machine quilt and one quilt that needed bound. That I did.

And one of the flimsies is on the frame already.  I can’t wait to show that one.  It’s morning glories with pale yellow fabrics which look like that gentle early morning sunshine that morning glories love.  Oops, hence the name.  Silly me!  I never connected that before!

So, I’ve had a productive week.  Yay!  I’m linking up, as I usually do, to Sarah’s Friday Finishes link party.  Check it out by pressing the Whoop! Whoop! button on the sidebar.


cq07808, detail

this weeks cq's

just the binding

Cheryl's apron

apron back

3 Comments on Friday finishes: May 20

  1. Sarah Craig says:

    Very cool, Rita! You’ve been a busy bee!! Whoop whoop!!!

  2. ANN WIGHT says:

    Everything looks great Rita~ You have been busy.

  3. Cheryl says:

    You’ve been busy, Rita. THIS Cheryl doesn’t have an apron. LOL Red is my favorite color, too!

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