It’s only a light post today.  I’m ready to start sewing the H2H flimsy.  Can it be that this modest pile of fabrics can yield such a rich array of floral squares?  It doesn’t seem possible, just looking at it quickly, but I counted and it does work.  Half a dozen or so of the squares came from slightly larger squares, so they don’t show in the pile.  And there are 1, 2 or 3 squares from each fabric.

So, today, I have to decide whether to start machine quilting again, start sewing the H2H or dig in the garden.  There is a quilt on the frame that’s been wondering when I’m coming back to rescue it from its ‘rolled-upness’.  If you remember, my machine was acting up and had to go to the doctor.  I’ve been putting off putting it back on the frame because I’m too afraid that the problem is not gone.  We did not find a definitive cause for the thread breaks.  The doctor blames my thread mostly but it’s the same thread I’ve been using all along so that doesn’t seem reasonable to me.  I’m such a coward about just confronting this type of problem and killing it.  Then there’s the H2H quilt that I’m excited to start sewing to see if that ‘running out of purple’ problem will be an issue. And third, it’s a nice day outside and the garden should be dug to get it ready for planting.  The mosquitoes are not out yet, it’s been raining for days and finally the sun is shining.  The downside of getting out and digging is that I’m a bit hesitant to agravate my back that’s been acting up some in the last week.


3 Comments on H2H: ready to sew

  1. joyce says:

    I’d be doing the piecing if it were me. The garden can wait. Lol.

  2. Sarah Craig says:

    Is your thread old? I found that some old thread I was using was fine for the bobbin, but broke constantly in the upper part of my sewing machine while quilting. It worked ok either place for piecing. It was just the speed that killed it while quilting….

  3. ANN WIGHT says:

    Can’t wait to see what your piecing becomes. Rain and snow here again, so the sewing continues and the garden molders.

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