Is it a chicken and egg thing: design and fabric?  Inspiration usually comes to me via a quilt’s design and then I find fabrics to do that design.  I know one lady who is given fabrics and her inspiration starts there.  With the H2H challenge, fabric came and a design had to follow.  That’s hard for me.  What I was given was a lot of dark purple (almost a solid) as well as light prints that went with it.  Two were larger scale, two smaller and two were stripey.  All were flowery.  I have a lot of flowery purple fabrics that I could add to that and my friend had contributed a bunch also.  I went to my inspiration folder and picked out a bunch of possibilities, rejecting most of them.  Here’s what remained:

from Kaye Wood

No idea where from

block construction

The middle pic, “no idea where from” is the main inspiration.  I liked how the blocks were floating.  The right pic shows how the blocks are made.  This way I could showcase all the floral prints and use the dark purple as the background.  Hopefully the overall effect wouldn’t be too dark.  I felt something could be added to the extreme squareness of it all, since I wouldn’t be composing the floral blocks of a central floral with 2 minor fabrics bars.  So, I decided that Kaye Wood’s idea of combining squares with flying geese would work.  The larger pic is my resultant plan.

Stop now if you’re not fond of the math of planning a quilt.  Here’s what I found.  I have about ONE inch more (running length) purple than I will need.  Yikes!!

each block = 6.5” x 6.5” floral square plus 2 purple 2.5“ borders which comes to an 8.5” block (8“ when sewn together)
purple sash, interior:
except for 7(see above pic), each floral square gets 6.5” + (6.5+2.5”) sash
which comes to 15.5” per 29 (36-7) blocks…
450” x 2.5” strip = (divide by 40“) 11.25 x 2.5” wof strips = 28 running inches

purple sash, exterior:
except for where the flying geese stick out, there’s 2.5” sash around the blocks
so, approximately (48“ x 4) +10” = 202”x 2.5” strip = (divide by 40“) 5 x2.5” wof strips = 12.5” running inches

purple for flying geese:
need 7 sets of 4 geese, requiring 4  x ~2.5” squares each (= 10”), so (7 x 10″) 70” x 2.5” strip = (divide by 40“)
1.75 x 2.5” wof strips = 5 running inches

Total purple: running inch total = 28 + 12.5 + 5 = 45.5″ of fabric (40″ wide)  and I have 46.5”

Holy Crow, tight!!  I should mention that the very outside purple shown in the plan pic will not be the same purple.  And it will be wider.

Well, looking over these numbers, I’ve found a few extra inches already.  In the interior purple sash, it should come to 435 because each floral square gets 6.5″ + 8.5″ sash coming to 15″.  If I cut the purple lengthwise, not widthwise, I’ll have 16 instead of 18 joins.  That’s not much saving either.   The outside sash doesn’t take into account that you don’t need 2.5″ where the geese are.  That’s quite a bit extra there saved.

Well, here’s another example of how I drive myself nuts.

And on top of that, yesterday when I cut my floral squares, I cut a bunch too many.  I started out thinking 6 by 6 squares.  Somewhere along the line, I went to 48 squares instead of 36.  I can’t see how that happened.  A mental hiccup.  These squares can be cut down to flying geese squares which need to be 4.25″ squares.  I still have too many because I only need 7, not 12 but it’s a small waste.  big sigh.

That’s 3 days of planning now and though a lot has been decided and some stuff has gotten done, there’s still no peace in my mind because of this possible purple shortage.  Someone remind me why I love quilting again?

Here are some of my reject ideas:

too much purple needed

not enough purple

not enough purple 2

I was going to do my current favourite d4p but you need equal florals and purple and you’re cutting up the florals too much if they’re large prints.  Goodness, this is hard.  Is there an easier way to do this?


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  1. Sarah Craig says:

    Because it stretches your brain!!! And remember, you can always use the extras on the back of your quilt. Great design, by the way! Love reading about your process!!

  2. ANN WIGHT says:

    heh,heh, be careful Rita or you will be cutting up your backing to piece the front. Let me know if you need any fabric, I have 8 inches of blue-bird blue. Love your post.

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