You may have wondered what’s become of me.  I’m still here.  Unfortunately, quilting is just a part of my life and the other parts have jumped up and grown bigger the last little while.  I design and manufacture ringette pants. has all the information about ringette that you need.  Basically, it’s an ice rink sport for girls played in full hockey gear but using a stick without a foot (an actual proper ringette stick, not a cut off hockey stick) and a ring which is stabbed and flung into the net to score goals.  The rules are a lot like basketball and the action is FAST.

Normally the ringette season runs Sept – April with a big slow down after Christmas.  So, I’m wondering what’s going on here that 2 years now, my busy time is suddenly out of season.  I know not.  Perhaps, I’ve been around long enough ( that associations are now considering making these monstrous orders.  Up until this time, it’s been teams or small groups of teams or individual orders.  Oh and some retail store orders too.

So, although I’ve embraced machine quilting as my off-season business, I now don’t know when my off-season is anymore.  Hopefully, things will settle down to some kind of predictability again soon.

On to the almost non-existant quilting news.  I finished up the last 5!!! 4p’s, transforming them into disappearing four patches (d4p’s).  Whoop!  Not!!

Also, I sent my 2+ metres of fabric off to my partner in the Hands 2 Help Charity Quilt Challenge in Nova Scotia.  Of course I forgot to take photos at the time so I gathered what I still had of those fabrics and photo’d them.  Unfortunately, one of them (the plain yellow) is not what I sent.  It was also yellow but a more goldy tone-on-tone.  I’m hoping my choices will inspire and go with what’s already in her stash.  It’s not really obvious but there is some dark green in the centre fabric.  I suggested sort of a large log cabin, if she needed an idea but it’s entirely up to her and I’m excited to see what she creates.  I’m also looking forward to getting my fabrics from my partner in Keewatin, Ontario.  They should be arriving anytime now since she mailed them last Thursday.

Oh and I almost forgot, probably because I’m blocking it out, I’m having sewing machine problems which I’ve been boring my friends with stories about.  Suffice to say here that the thread breakages MAY have been fixed after a trip to the sewing machine hospital.  I have not put the machine back on the frame since, due to the unanticipated needs of the ringette pant business.  Please! Please, quilting gods!  Let my sewing machine be fixed!!!  I have a backlog of quilts to do and no time to worry more about this problem!!


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  1. ANN WIGHT says:

    Busy Lady~! Good luck with all your projects. It will all work out in the end. Have a great day~

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