Today went really well!  My last quilting class is tonight and I wanted to show it done before we disbanded.

It’s a subtle effect but I took the same striped dark green fabric and made bias binding out of it so that you’d have the stripes on the diagonal.  I’m not entirely sure I like bias binding.  It’s got a bit of a tendency to stretch differently on the front and back and I’m a bit concerned that over time, there will be diagonal folds.  It not doing it right now but I can see the tendency.

DH says the “A” is a bit goofy (remember, the quilt is for my friend Ann) and I guess it is but the backing had to be made wider and it did fit after these stripes were added.

The detail shows that I used my leaves pattern.  My friend lives in a log cabin deep in the Québec woods.  Leaves is very appropriate for her.


2 Comments on Trip around the World: done, and on time too

  1. Rebecca says:

    It’s beautiful!!

  2. P. says:

    I thought the back was cool, even before I knew your friend’s name began with an A. :) I really like the leaves quilting. The whole thing is just beautiful!

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