trip around the world, front

It’s not been as good a week as I’d hoped.  I was hoping to get the Trip around the World flimsy quilted but time scattered this week.  On the other hand, that flimsy was in ‘strip slices’ last Friday, so not bad.  I brought it to class on Thursday and everyone liked it a lot.

trip around the world, back

Other peoples flimsies are much more contrasty colours but the person this quilt is for needs some quiet contemplative time and that’s what I’d like this quilt to set the mood for.

I had planned her quilt to be fall colours but it didn’t seem appropriate for an April or May gift so these subdued spring colours will be just right.

And I like it so much myself that I’m going to make another one just like it.  It only takes 3 wof strips of each fabric.  I may need to get something else for the outside dark green border.  The back is done now too so we’re ready to quilt.  Her name is Ann and she’s an academic.  The backing fabric was a tiny bit short and two bits narrow so look what I did to make it work.

The other major thing I got done this week was quilting Carol’s gemstones flimsy.  I already posted about that here.

I tidied the sewing studio a bit.  Ok, I was looking for something and I had to organize some to find it, but it did end up a bit tidier.  Maybe eventually it’ll actually be photo-worthy.  What I was looking for was a pattern for a smock apron that I’ve already made for a friend.  She has worn this apron out because she loves it so much and it does look super cute on her.  She gave me a dress that she’d like me to make another apron like it out of.  This dress was expensive and it’s brand new so it’s a bit of a shame to cut it up but the apron will be nice too.  That will definitely be photo-worthy.  Maybe I’ll do that next week but two quilts are in line first: my Trip around the World and one of the four in the next set of community quilts that is a bit of a rush job.  Whoop! for me!


4 Comments on Friday Finishes: Apr 8

  1. Sarah Craig says:

    I love your TATW – front and back! The back is very creative – different from anything else I’ve seen. I’m hoping to get my TATW quilted this week, myself! Whoop whoop!!

  2. P. says:

    That is fantastic! I love how it turned out. Yep, a TATW quilt is definitely on the to-do list!

  3. Sue Daurio says:

    wow, beautiful, front and back!!

  4. Em says:

    Lovely quilt. The back is awesome.

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