I got the last two community quilts done and delivered to my quilting class last night! Yay!  It was quite a quilting frenzy to get it all done on time.  The first one is pretty bright and busy, more so than I like, but it grows on you.  Also, it has the most beautiful off white fabric.  It’s got a shine and it’s almost irredescent.  I just love the look of it in various lights.  I’d buy some of it if I came across it.


Then next quilt shows my new bebit stitching pattern off really well especially the detail shot on the right. This quilt is very long and very narrow, sort of odd that way.  Yes, that’s me standing on the coffee table in my stocking feet so DH can focus properly.  If you want to see, click the left photo a couple of times.

And then there was some preparation for the actual class.  I was asked to do a demonstration of a Disappearing 4 Patch block and a Pinwheel D4P.  Got those done.

And then the actual quilting class homework.  We are starting a Trip Around the World quilt, done in a different way than most.  We were to arrive with 3 wof strips cut of each of 11 different fabrics.  I’m just doing the cuddle quilt size but a lot of people will be making the full size quilt.  I think it’ll be just short of 60″ square.  I felt so rich, just being able to grab about 16 different fabrics and narrow it down to 11.

Here are my fabrics:

The strip with the kitties on the left will be a different rust brown fabric for the other two sets of strips. The effect will be the kitties being sort of an I-spy effect, at least I’m hoping.

If you haven’t come here from Sarah’s Confessions of a Fabric Addict, go check out her linky party to celebrate the weeks achievements and give people a Whoop!Whoop!


2 Comments on Friday Finishes: Mar 25

  1. Sarah Craig says:

    Your quilts are beautiful, Rita! And I think your Trip Around The World will look great – that’s a fun pattern to make, and I’m guessing you’re going to be doing it the same way I did my Christmas quilt. Good luck and whoop whoop!!

  2. Brita says:

    I’ve always thought about making a Trip Around quilt, but gee, seems like there’s sooooooooo much sewing! Keep us posted! You got lots done, Whoop Whoop!!

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