We had a computer problem over the weekend so this is actually the post that should have been done Saturday.  A disk blew but DH is a whiz and fixed it all up.  Not only that but my machine has been cleaned and reloaded – this process is known as ‘rebuilt’.  So she flies now!!

Does anyone remember Sarah’s giveaway on Feb 25th? (at Confessions of a Fabric Addict)  Probably not so I will recap.  I won this great give-away and mail delivery from the US to Canada is ANYTHING but fast.  Sarah popped her goodies into the mail right away.  I just got them, Friday!!

Here’s what arrived:

These turned into -->

this and ....

this. Whoop! Whoop!

This turned into -->

this. Look at all the kitty fabrics!!!

And also…

This turned into -->

These yummies. Notice the mice!!

Ya!  The mousies will play with the fat quarter kitties.  Other than that I have no real ideas yet about what to do with this prize.  But they will come and I will keep you posted!!!

Thank you Sarah!!!

ps.  I almost forgot there was a magazine too, which I read.  Lovely!


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  1. Sarah Craig says:

    You’re welcome, Rita!! I’m sure you’ll put it all to good use!!

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