just last row to do

I worked really hard over the weekend and got ‘er done.  Well, it’s almost ready to put on the bed.  Those prairie points are at it again.  They were supposed to be machine sewn down and I tried that but it looked awful, I thought.  To go to all that trouble and then to machine sew them down and kind of ruin the effect was just not right.  I’m a bit more than a quarter of the way around sewing them down by hand.  And it looks much nicer.  You have to sew them down somehow because they’ll soon be pointing every which way and after a wash they’ll really be out of control – all crumpled and messy.  Right now they don’t look TOO bad especially on a photo.

all done

and, on the bed

I’ve flip-flopped about how I feel about this quilt but I think I’ve settled on “like”.  Yay!  You hate to go to all that work and then end up needing to find a way to get it out of your sight.

I’m happy with the backing too.  I had had another fabric in mind and changed it at the last second.  It’s a sheet.  I know the quilting gods will send some lightening at me for this choice but I need to see first hand why this is not recommended.  In my experience, cotton poly blends wear very well.  My quilting teacher said it might make for more thread breaks.  That didn’t happen.  There were only 8 breaks on this quilt and 5 of those were bobbins running out.  She also said that sheets in particular were a bad choice because they stretch or maybe it was ‘stretch differently’.  We will see.  Sheets are such a handy item.  Aren’t I bull-headed?  Some people just need to verify stuff.  I’m sure I drove my parents crazy with this trait.  Has anyone had any negative or positive experiences using sheets as backing?

Next on the agenda is to get another version of this jewelbox quilt on the frame – my friend’s quilt.  No prairie points on this one.  They were a pain during the quilting process too.  You can’t quilt all the way to the edge so all kinds of care has to be taken to avoid quilting on them.  I think I will advise people to apply them after the quilting process.


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  1. Sarah Craig says:

    I think it’s beautiful, Rita! And I think if sheets work for you, more power to you! I try to find 100% cotton sheets when I want one for backing, but have probably used some that weren’t. I do find that sheets aren’t always square, but other than that warning, I like them for backings. There’s an “old school” of quilting full of “don’ts” but it seems to me that modern quilting is much more “why not?” Great work!!

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