30 yards batting

The ‘Coming of the Batting’ is a long story.  Suffice to say, I should have had it Monday and it finally arrived today, Friday.  Also, it’s a different one from before.  I used to use Pellon’s Vintage 80/20 without scrim since I’m doing machine quilting.  They didn’t have any ‘no scrim’, so ‘with scrim’ it was.  (Fyi, ‘with scrim’ is for hand quilting.  Scrim, which is a light imbedded mesh, gives it the strength to be quilted further apart) I could have ordered bamboo/cotton and may do in the future but I’m a cautious person.  Does anyone LOVE the bamboo/cotton batting combination?

Therefore, my quilting frame sat quiet and alone all week.  Poor thing!  Well, 30 yards should hold me for a little while.  I have a backlog suddenly of 4 community quilts and 5 full size quilts.  Wow!  That was sudden. And now I’m set to go!

So, what I did this week:  I repaired a jacket that I’d made my husband more than 25 years ago which had horrendous rips starting at both sides of one pocket.  I have been feeling badly that he goes out to blow the snow looking quite the ragamuffin.  While I had it in the sewing room, I also replaced the cuffs.  Looking good again, though it could use a wash,  and ready for another 25 years.  Crazy huh? in this age of disposable clothing.  Those cuffs are just blazingly black!

I finished putting the prairie points on my jewelbox quilt and pieced the backing.

I helped a friend sew down the binding on a quilt I quilted for her. Now she can send that off to her friend.

We hosted two ‘daughter plus friends’ dinners, feasts actually.  So, housework was necessary there plus a couple of mountains of dishes, by hand.

One daughter was home for the weekend for reading week.  We went fabric shopping for couch pillow covers.  I started one for her to show her zipper insertion and mitered corners.  She’s finished the rest of them already so big Whoop!Whoop! for her.

Next week however, I hope to have LOTS of ‘Quilt Done’ news.

The odd person might be here that hasn’t come from Sarah’s Confessions site.  Not saying you’re odd but you should click on the link or the Whoop! button if you’d like to see what a bunch of quilters have gotten done this week.  Enjoy!  and thanks for visiting here!


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  1. Susan says:

    Sounds like you have your work cut out for you next week! I’m still very unfamiliar with battings – they confuse me. So far I’ve liked the quilts I’ve made, so all is good for now. Big Whoop Whoop to your daughter for finishing the pillows!

  2. P. says:

    Twenty-five years for a jacket really shows the quality of your workmanship. Good for you repairing it to last another couple decades, maybe. So you made it through all those fussy prairie points–yay! Nice pillows done by daughter too!

  3. quiltzyx says:

    Wow! A 25 yr old jacket, ready for the next decade – good on ya! And it looks great to boot.

    Nice pillows by your daughter too.

    I think it sounds like you got a LOT done this week, even without the batting!


  4. Sarah Craig says:

    I’m so jealous – you have a BOLT of batting!! I want one!!! Your daughter’s pillows look great, too – whoop whoop!! And thanks for the shout-out and link-up!!

  5. Cheryl says:

    I’m a hand quilter, and I didn’t know that about the batting. There aren’t many of us hand quilters around here, so, you don’t hear anything about hand quilting stuff. Nice to know about the scrim. I’ll look for it when I get batting next time. Good work on the jacket. I never learned how to sew clothes, etc. I just taught myself quilting.

  6. Yikes, that is a lot of batting! Great finish on those pillows!

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