Prairie points should maybe be renamed to Patience Points?  My goodness!  Aren’t they fussy little things! 

There are a bunch of steps: cut the strips, if you’re making them with 2 fabrics, like me, then sew them together, fold and iron in half lengthwise, cut to length and mark centres, pin the corners down and iron again, baste them into submission, arrange them evenly along an edge of the flimsy and FINALLY baste them on.  I can tell that the edges of the quilt will feel quite substantial due to the extra mass.  Can you tell I haven’t done a quilt with this embellishment before.  What a whiner, I’m being, I know.  But,  I am a bit more than halfway through getting them on the flimsy.  Yay!  Btw, I meant for them to be a tiny bit open.  I figured that you wouldn’t see that the inside was different if it didn’t peek out a tiny bit.

It’s BRIGHT outside today.  With the snowfall dump we had over the weekend, and now the sun, you can’t even LOOK outside.  Of course, it doesn’t help that I live in my sewing room without a window.  Oops!  More whining.  Nevermind.

On another topic, I think I might have spring fever.  I know something’s up when silly things make me happy.  I made some kitchen towels a few months back.  Doing the laundry today, I noticed again how much more compactly my homemade towels fold up than the commercial ones.  I just love the striped bias tape.  I made that too.  These towels make me happy, as does sunshine even if it is really bright and I have to squint. :)


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  1. I love these! SewTakeAHike has a great tutorial on on color ones! Check out the link on my sidebar if you like! Thanks for visiting.

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