I’ve been fighting the forces all week.  You know, the kind of week where every step forward is followed by a couple steps backwards?  Yes, well, I’ll be happy for this particular stretch to be over.  I’ve spent whole days auditioning borders for my flimsy to the point where you have to stop because you just can’t “see” any more.  Sleep on it, and start over the next day.  DH and I, gratefully, I got him to weigh in, finally settled on a red/orange narrow border that seemed to be right.  But I didn’t have the ‘somewhere between royal blue and navy blue’ fabric I decided I needed to bring this flimsy some more blue to go with the orange walls/blue ceiling room that this quilt will call home.

Off to the LQS with quilt I went.  By this time I had already measured, cut and attached the red/orange border.  The ladies there were very helpful, I must say.  The red/orange border didn’t look so good there but we decided that if it were narrower, it would work.

I came home with the blue fabric that had finally made the cut (many were auditioned).  As I am in the sewing room, I don’t know what made me even think about it, I spy another fabric in my stash that might be a good narrow border (of course, instead of the red/orange one that is already attached).  That’s just how the week went with everything.  Understandably hesitant to rip off the red/orange border, I ran off to my friend’s house to see what she thought.  Her son, an honours design student, voted red/orange as still does DH.  But us girls have decided on the other one. Does anyone care to comment before I sew?

From the thumbnails above, red/orange wins.  Up close, after a couple of clicks, purple/orange wins.  I feel that the red/orange is ‘inflammatory’.  The purple border seems to calm the whole flimsy down.  I’ve been trying to tone down the purple by overwhelming it with the red/orange.  The purple border seems to me to make peace with the purple and marry it to the blue.  Normally, these decisions come quite naturally.  This time, the process compares with going to the dentist, a particular horror for me.

As you might guess, I’m going to put on the purple but it would be interesting to see what people think.  If you want to see them both on one screen, click a couple times below.  You may need to scroll back and forth.

Oh, gawd, I’m starting to waffle again!~!~!~  Help!!!  Next episode: Praire Point Pain


6 Comments on Jewel box/Gemstone borders

  1. Sarah Craig says:

    I really like the purple border much better – the red/orange one pulls out the other red/oranges in the quilt and I find it distracting. I think you’ve hit the mark there!!

    • Rita says:

      People in the class last night thought so too. My, this has been painful! But, I learned something, if you want to minimize a colours impact, use it again, diluting that impact in a sense. I haven’t really increased the “purpleness” of the quilt with the purple border but the purple triangles are less dominant. Trying to outgun the purple by using the orange border just created a war (of brights). And, isn’t it wonderful that this border would have some orange in it?? Not like there’s enough to affect the design, but that border becomes just that much more perfect in this situation. I am some pleased!!

  2. I like the purple border better, too. It seems to tone things down a bit and make the quilt a bit more relaxing.

    • Rita says:

      Yup, I totally agree! Auditioning this border was just a fluke thought. I wasn’t even looking for a different border. Good thing that thought came!! Thanks!!

  3. Miki says:

    I really like the red-orange. It makes all the other colors zing. It will be a beautiful quilt either way.

    • Rita says:

      Thank you! The red/orange border does that indeed. It’s going in an orange walled, blue ceiling-ed bedroom however, so that might not be a good thing.

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