preview in the room

a closer look

Here’s what I got done this week.  I’ve put together the centre section of my jewelbox flimsy.  It was almost a fulltime job this week to get this far since Saturday when I was still sewing first cut strips together.  The planning paid off and didn’t pay off.  I wasn’t planning to make one facet of the big jewels solid purple but that had to happen to differentiate the facets from each other enough.  The big print thing wouldn’t have worked at all without that.  The little jewels were supposed to have more blue to go with the blue ceiling in the room.  That didn’t work either.  The stash just didn’t have enough bright with blue candidates to make that happen. What did work was arranging the little jewels so that lights were opposite darks where the rows intersected.  I’d seen other jewelbox quilts where those intersections were too dark for my tastes.  The other thing that didn’t really work was that the quilt was supposed to be more orange and blue.  I may still be able to fix that with the borders that will surround the centre.

I guess I’m feeling a bit ambivalent about the result here.  It’s finished, at least to this point, and I’m happy about that. I’m hoping to make the quilt match its destination a little better.  That will improve how I feel about this flimsy.  There some things I REALLY like.  I’ll show some of these spots.  To think I almost didn’t include this fabric, thinking it would make the whites a bit busy.  Sheesh!

a pair of fairies

yes, she was fussy-cut

That’s the magic of quilting though.  You plan and sometimes you get what you envisioned.  Other times, you don’t but you MAY still really like what you’ve made.  We’ll see when the borders are on whether that last one will happen.

playing with balls

even a teddy bear!

I haven’t decided at all how to border this except a narrow one and a wide one.  My class’s teacher was suggesting a different kind of prairie point but I don’t know if I will do that at all.

Update: The teacher at my class said that the purple in the diamonds needs a friend opposite,something strong.  She said that using a single solid  in a quilt top is dangerous, in that it draws the eye too much, being different.  The purple does the draw your eye, no doubt.

Having worked so constantly on this all week, I was of NO mind to start undoing anything.  By the end of the class, I was thinking, “Well, maybe.”  Today I don’t know.  She suggested that a few hours spent now, will prevent years of feeling less than thrilled with the result.


16 Comments on Friday Whoop! time

  1. Sarah Craig says:

    It’s beautiful, Rita! I love it, and especially the fussy cut bits!! Whoop whoop!!

    • Rita says:

      Thank you so much! Did you see my update, with the teacher’s comments? What do you think?

      • Sarah Craig says:

        I think I’d live with it for a week or so and see how I felt about it – your teacher may be right, but I will also say that something that draws your eye in a quilt gives it a place to rest and see the rest of the quilt!! So I’d give it a little time and see if you like it before ripping it all out!

        • Rita says:

          Yes, I think you’re right. Adding borders will maybe improve the overall look as well and won’t hinder any ripping out that might be necessary. I have some fabrics I will audition for that.

  2. Diane W says:

    Visiting from Sarah. Whoop Whoop for you!!! Such a pretty quilt. Love all of your fussy cuts. Beautiful quilt good job

    • Rita says:

      Well, thank you!! The quilt looks better in the photos than it did last night at class. I’ll have to put it back on the bed this morning and look again.

  3. Whoop-whoop! I LOVE the quilt. I love the way it looks against the orange wall. It’s different enough to make both the walls and the quilt pop.

    Love the fairies and teddy bear. They are such a sweet surprise.

    • Rita says:

      Thanks so much!! DH just said, after I put it back on the bed to look at it again and think about those darn purple solids, “I don’t know why you used that fabric” about the fairy/teddy bear/gnome white. And here it is, my favourite part.

  4. P. says:

    I love the colors in this quilt. It looks great with the wall color in the room too.

    • Rita says:

      Thank you so much! I’ve had it lying on the bed all day and looked in periodically. That, and all these positive comments make me think that maybe the purple is ok. There is a certain amount of pull in the direction entailing “no need to undo and redo”. I hate to think that I’m just being lazy.

  5. Susan says:

    It’s beautiful! You’ve done a fantastic job with it!

    • Rita says:

      Thanks! I am happy with the quality of the sewing though there was quite a bit of fixing to get it like that. This has not been as co-operative a quilt as others. That’s another reason that I’m hesitant to commit to taking the purples out and replacing them with something a bit less strong.

  6. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, I love this. The colors are so rich and vibrant. Beautiful work!

    xo -El

  7. Vicki says:

    The single solid purple doesn’t bother me at all, although I understand the balance concept. Suggestions are fine, but it’s your quilt, after all!
    I do think the fussy cuts are very cute!

    • Rita says:

      I’ll admit the purple doesn’t look bad in the picture. It certainly did look ‘strong’ in the lighting in the church hall where the class is held. I’m going to ‘blue’ up the border to see if the purple can be reigned in that way a bit. Thanks for weighing in.

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