Rita on September 21st, 2012

Reading the list of categories in the  Metcalfe Fair book to see what I might be entering in the homecrafts division, I came across “Rug, any medium, not to exceen 48″ in any direction”. Suddenly something I’d seen in a quilting store recently sprang to mind. So, I phoned up Sue at her lovely quilting [...]

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Rita on September 6th, 2012

I worked yesterday and today on this, something I just love.  I don’t know if I CAN sell it at the bazaar but that was the original intent.  And we’re not even doing Christmas traditionally this year, so we wouldn’t even need a runner.  sigh.  Anyone have any soothing, solving words?  Here’s the full frontal.  [...]

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Rita on December 26th, 2011

I wonder why a small sheet of flannel to wrap a baby is called a receiving blanket. Ann at The Bunkhouse posted about making a lovely quick baby shower gift: a self-binding baby receiving blanket using two layers of flannel.  I needed one of these super quick baby shower gifts myself.  A while back, I [...]

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Rita on November 22nd, 2011

I came across a tutorial to do flying geese using a method that was new to me.  It’s amazing how many ways there are to do this little block.  I will use this post to make a list of them as I come across them.  If you find another method I have missed, please send [...]

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Rita on November 17th, 2011

Well, not really, of course.  That’s what my friend predicted when she started working on this flimsy.  It was commisioned by her husband for a co-worker.  Perhaps my friend’s heart hadn’t ever been fully into this project but she lost impetus when the dimensions of the finished quilt changed from square and then she lost [...]

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Rita on July 31st, 2011

Anyone interested in seeing all the results of the H2H quilt challenge that Sarah initiated way back in April?  I’ve had the H2H button on my site since April explaining the rules.  Boy that sounds like a long time ago doesn’t it?  Goodness.  Judi of Green Fairy Quilts will be bringing these quilts to Romania [...]

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Rita on July 3rd, 2011

Today or tomorrow there will be proof of progress on the H2H quilt that will go to Romania to be given to a child at an orphanage there.  See the button on the right for more information.  This quilt is dedicated to a dear man from my childhood who was from there, as close as [...]

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Rita on April 13th, 2011

If you’re going to sash the disappearing 4 patch block, it’s not going to matter as much how you iron the seam allowances. But even then, you’ve got 9 intersections where it could get a bit lumpy. So here’s how you get your d4p’s nice and flat… Here’s your 4-patch from the front and back. [...]

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