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Here are my portfolio pages:

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Noveau Debbie Diane's National Guard  

Some free advice about FREE PATTERNS

There are quite a few instances of free patterns that I've come across that are worth exactly what they cost. Watch for these three common problems:

  1. Count the number of pieces. The size of the finished work should be in balance with the number of pieces of glass. In my opinion, you should let the glass 'talk' as much as possible.
  2. Look at the outline of the finished piece. If there are any large 'limbs' sticking out, that is where the piece will break and you will be repairing it shortly.
  3. Examine each piece of the pattern for 'impossible cuts'. Often, adding the line that makes the cut possible, makes the pattern much less appealing.
A Winter Pattern:  
  Snow has finally come here! (Dec 26)!!

These make up in a hurry and are very effective. Use a faceted jewel in the centre for a little added zing. Let me know which one(s) you want:
In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness:
This pattern has been very popular, so I'll keep it around for a little longer.
  If you email me for it, this pattern will print on an 8.5"x11" sheet.

  Tammy of Brampton, Ontario, Canada was the first one to ask for this pattern and was kind enough to send me a picture of her work. Didn't she do a super job? 
Here's something else that was done with this pattern. Liz from South Australia made this wonderful stained glass quilt. A couple of other people had told me that they were going to do this but Liz graced me with a picture of the work. It looks like a super job! Thanks so much Liz!!    
For all those in military conflicts:    
  If you email me for it, this pattern will print on two 8.5"x11" sheets.
Vickie from Florida inspired this pattern. She felt the piece should incorporate:
- a yellow ribbon (to remember)
- a red rose bud (for most soldiers are young-and not fully mature)
- a circle (for eternity)
- a heart (for love)
- and a star (for hope)

And here's what Vickie made. She says she's a beginner but it's hard to believe...
I'm happy (and proud) to announce that Ohio State University will shortly be putting on a course to create a fabric wallhanging using this pattern! (Jan 2007) I like Vickie's colours much better than the ones I chose. Thanks so much for letting us see your work Vickie.